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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Me and Netta June

What a perfect match. What a perfect Valentine. After a terrible, "Mom Goes on Strike" day Wednesday, I could not have spent a better Valentine's Day Thursday. Okay, maybe I could have afforded to skip the loveless relationship with the middle schoolers I was teaching all day that day, but then again, they're middle schoolers. If you loved them it would be a sure sign something was wrong, you or them. However, the thought of a night with my Netta was getting me through.

Now, you may be a bit confused. Maybe this talk of "my Netta" is making you scratch your head a bit, well, truth be told, she's not "MY" Netta. She is the 6 month old, permajoyful, cute as a button, fill your heart with warmth, betcha can't help but smile little baby girl of my Cousin and his wife. Yes, I will admit, all predjudice aside, that she is one of the cutest, happiest babies I have ever experienced. And she was mine, all mine for four lovely hours Thursday night.

We played, we laughed, she cooed. I was tired, exhausted really, and looking at another day filled with middle school ingrates, but I enjoyed every minute of it. The rocking, the cuddling, the feeding, even the diaper changing was memorable
(okay, I really need to get out more). It has been a looong time since I had a baby to care for. I think I really enjoy this "other's babies" thing. Knowing you are ( reluctantly) giving her back. Not the one walking the floors, changing millions of diapers, easing her teething, pumping breast milk, unable to find 10 minutes to shower, saving for college and generally responsible for raising a healthy, happy, productive adult rally adds to the joy of the experience. The added bonus of walking in your own front door, looking at your own preteens and thanking God they are fairly self-sufficient, healthy, happy and on their way to that productive adult stage has an extra satisfying edge.

How does this all tie in several days later? Well, I find myself thinking of babies, reminiscing about my own and wanting to indulge others. Where do I start? An etsy search of course. 4,452 items that is. Now, I don;t have that kind of time, but boy, it sure is fun perusing much of it. Yet it all leads back to Pook.
Pook is a very talented half of PookThy. She is hands down, my favorite Canadian gal. She talks a mile a minute, has that great "eh" that rolls of her tongue after every sentence and just oozes sewing talent to boot. Her ability to thrift shop and turn an old table cloth or spread into this is just amazing.

Now, I encourage you all to meet Pook. Talk with her. Fall in love with her. It's inevitable. Her effervescense is contagious. Her baby clothes amazing and her purses stunning. I only wish I could buy her out and dress Netta in all her glory. In the meantime, I wait for those occassion when i can and I keep toasy warm on a Chicago winter's day with this.
Now I'm off to weasle another great babysitting experience out of Netta's parents.

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Chris Stone said...

Cute entry! Glad you Pooked little Netta!