So, here I am.....

The girl that said she'd never blog. The far from computer savvy girl that is always up for a challenge despite a serious lack of time.My blog goals. Do I have blogging goals? Hmmm, I guess I should. So I pledge to be funny, lighthearted, not vent or complain to much and maybe just maybe share a crumb of wit and wisdom on occassion.I will most likely chat about etsy, my addiction and muse. the incredible artsists and friends I have found in a community that oozes with creativity, friendship, support and a home for all things handmade.You will hear me ramble about the insanity of my life including my 3 boys, ages 12, 16 and 53. Yes, that last one I am married to, but trust me, he is just as much boy as man. After 17 years of marriage I find myself raising him along with them. Then again, he would probably say the same of me at times. I will often speak of friends I would go to the ends of the earth for and a family that more often than not defines dysfunction. Then again, I strongly believe a functional family is the stuff legends are made of.I am a lover of music of all kinds and not so much the TV ( except maybe Glee). I have an addiction to handmade glass, especially venetian and lampwork beads as well as unique pottery. I have made a concerted effort to tame my jewelry fetish with my own creations which can be seen at you haven't figured out by now, I can jabber my jaws and my fingers as if someone could care what I have to say.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Selling for a Good Cause

Tomorrow is April 1st (and DS#2's 11th birthday), but that's not really the reason for this post.
This is no April Fool's joke either. It's a great sale for a good cause. What more could you ask for. The entire month of April, I will be holding a sale in my shop. 10% off all purchases will benefit Culver School and their efforts to raise money for the purchase of an electronic sign.
If you've read my bio or learned anything about me over the years, its that education is one of my passions. I have been very involved in the school for 9 years now. It's no secret that times re tough and money is tight. Schools, especially in our area (taxcaps) are feeling the pinch more than ever. Every cent needs to be spent maintaining programs and providing quality opprtunities for all of our kids. Communication with families and the community is an everpresent concern. What better way to get out important messages than an electronic marquee. How to pay for such an addition to the communication arsenal is another story. Thus, the birth of this fundraiser. The extra benefit of seeing so many groups and people come together for a common purpose, building teamwork and enhancing realtionships is just the icing on the cake.
So, here goes!
Make a purchase and simply write the word "Culver" in the note to seller section. That's it! Done! 10 % of your purchase will go to the school fund for the purchase of the sign. It doesn't get any simpler than that!

More you say? You want more? How about this?! Etsy, being the great, supportive community it is, has seen several other artisan shops step up to the plate and join in. They too are offering great deals in their shops and supporting this fundraising effort. How cool is that?! Just out of the goodness of their hearts, they have similar deals available for the month of April. So, be sure to check them all out. You're sure to find something that tickles your fancy, and again, just a note that says "Culver" is all it takes to help the school. No extra $$ out of your pocket. You just get to enjoy a beautiful new trinket and we will enjoy knowing we are doing all we can to keep the lines of communication open.

The following shops will donate 10% of all purchases. All shipping fees will be refunded and items hand delivered.
ohsewhannahThe following shops will donate 10% of all purchases
The following shops will offer free shipping to you AND donate those shipping fees ($2.00-$10.00 per purchase)

and thank you for your support!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Vacation from my Vacation

One week sure can make a difference. I put my shop on hold and took the family to Washington, DC for a week. No blog posts, no new listings, not checking in and boy, I seem to have just disappeared.
Truth be told, now is when I would like to disappear. I would like to run and hide from the pile of laundry that will make up my next few days. I would like to hide from the pile of work that has accumlated with looming deadlines. Most of all, I would like to hide from the reality of my age. The sore feet, the blisters, the shin splints and aching hips. You see, walking on a beautiful, sunny, crisp spring day surrounded by blooming Magnolias and towering remebrances is joyous but after 6 days of sleeping in the hotel double bed with a squirming 10 yr old, a tiny shower and miles and miles of blooming magnolias, I have begun to feel my age.
I feel the tight Achilles tendon up my right calf, the blister at the botom of my small toe on the left foot, the shooting pain in my hip, the headache of a 12 hour drive home and that big pain in my ass? Yep, huge bruise from sitting on the arm of the chair accidently. Damn! I knew that was gona smart when I did it.

All in all, it was worth it. We really do have a beautiful Capital! Monuments, memorials, traditions and history that can overwhelm at times. It was a fantastic trip, full of adventure and brimming with memories. I think I will spend the day in my comfy chair, editing photos and drinking decent coffee.
It's good to be home. Stay tuned

Monday, March 9, 2009

Stress should be Tax Deductable

Does the government reimburse for brain transplants? I may need one. Mine is beyond fried! A long, rainy, windy, crazy weekend full of stressors has my head weary. I thought tackling the mountain range (not just one peak)of filing last weekend was "The Big One". I should have known it was just the molehill in the grand landscape of my week. I really should try follow tat sage advice of appreciating what you have. I think I would take a dozen molehills of filing (as much as I dread it) over the Mount Everest known as taxes (insert Dun, dun, dun music here), and I don't even do them. I just prepare all the paper for another unlucky schmuck to conquer. To think I was once an accounting major and considering a lifetime of tax hell is inconceivable. For those that do it, love it and are burried in it right now, I tip my hat. Better you than me is all I have to say.

So, paperwork 90% complete feels like a huge accomplishment to me right now. In addition to bead shopping, filling a big order, scouring for silver I can't seem to locate (big stress), a desire to head back to double my bead purchase of last week, a house to clean, 4 inches of rain and now, thanks to "The Gonz", carpet shampooing to do, I find myself revamping this blog, posting a much overdue update, lsiting new items and yearning for breakfast. Yep, I think I will definitely rename it Procrastination Mountain. Not for the weak heartted.
There shoudl be a huge warning sign posted at the foot that reads
Caution: Brain fry may occur. If you experience symptoms of headshaking, hand wringing, confusion, lack of focus or short temper, please discontinue climb and treat with copius amounts of alcohol. Massage may help alleviate symptoms that persist for more than 24hours.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hot and Cold

I seem to be running that way this week. Good days, bad days, hot and cold flashes, sales and no sales, time to kill and crazy jam packed moments, then again, what else is new.

Well, this is new. SonniandBev are not to be missed. They have been in the jewelry making business for decades and I have had the pleasure of being their booth neighbor for about ten of them. Veterans of the Chicago area art and craft show circuit, they have sold their wares at the Merchadise Mart, Michigan Avenue and throughout the suburbs. I hear they will be traveling all the way to New York City this fall for the One of a Kind Show.

If you don't live near one of these areas, not to worry. They have made their on line selling debut this week on etsy. After much discussion (and prodding), they ahve tested the waters and are wading in more and more each day. We spent the day together recently in a cram session of etsy basics. Listing, descriptions, shop set up, etc. , not to mention lingo. Steampunk, upcycle, recycle, repurpose, destash and many other bits and goodies. Little do they know, it just scratch the surface of etsy's layers of fun and excitement. They'll be addicts like the rest of us in no time. Who knows, before long, even Bev will be a computer guru.

So check them out and even drop them a line. If you get a chance to see them in person, make a point of it. The truth is SonniandBev is just one of many layers of the onion that is, LeBouton. Vintage inspired pieces, antique buttons, brooches, buckles, watches, snaps, game pieces, even pool balls are known to have become phenomenal pieces of artistic jewelry in their hands and are a lovely complement to the unending array of Swarovski crystal pieces, as seen on etsy.

So, join me as I raise a toast; to Sonni and Bev, here's wishing you all the best on etsy and elsewhere