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Friday, September 26, 2008

We Need to Find a Way

to make this work. It is the most common sense I've heard in a long time. Yes, the #'s are flawed but the concept is right on. That's the kind of bail out I could rally behind and support.
I don't know the answer, really, I don't. I do know that lack of accountability and bandaiding the problem is not the answer. Handing over this country's financial freedom to China is not the answer. Watching millions of Americans that borrowed within their means and planned for a financially stable future fall apart and loose everything is not the answer. Mostly, I do know that letting the political cronies and financial terrorists walk away, or better yet, be put in charge of fixing a mess they orchestrated is definitely not an answer that gives me confidence. I think it's gonna be a long, long time, if ever in my lifetime, that we have a warm and fuzzy again.
As an American right now, I am embarrassed. We should all be embarrassed. and ashamed, and disgusted and scared shitless. We are on the brink of a financial disaster of epic proportions, we have those responsible in a position to fix a mess they couldn't prevent and people with the IQ of a Miss Teen America in a position to rule us for 4 long years. I have to say, if I was sitting in Canada, or England, or China, or Iraq or the friggin North Pole for that matter I would be laughing my ass off at the arrogant, wasteful, self absorbed greed mongers that are getting what they deserve in the land of plenty.
Yes. I am truly embarrassed for us as a nation

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