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The girl that said she'd never blog. The far from computer savvy girl that is always up for a challenge despite a serious lack of time.My blog goals. Do I have blogging goals? Hmmm, I guess I should. So I pledge to be funny, lighthearted, not vent or complain to much and maybe just maybe share a crumb of wit and wisdom on occassion.I will most likely chat about etsy, my addiction and muse. the incredible artsists and friends I have found in a community that oozes with creativity, friendship, support and a home for all things handmade.You will hear me ramble about the insanity of my life including my 3 boys, ages 12, 16 and 53. Yes, that last one I am married to, but trust me, he is just as much boy as man. After 17 years of marriage I find myself raising him along with them. Then again, he would probably say the same of me at times. I will often speak of friends I would go to the ends of the earth for and a family that more often than not defines dysfunction. Then again, I strongly believe a functional family is the stuff legends are made of.I am a lover of music of all kinds and not so much the TV ( except maybe Glee). I have an addiction to handmade glass, especially venetian and lampwork beads as well as unique pottery. I have made a concerted effort to tame my jewelry fetish with my own creations which can be seen at you haven't figured out by now, I can jabber my jaws and my fingers as if someone could care what I have to say.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Taking the Plunge

well, eventually, we hope. The pool purchase is done, installed, finally full of water (can't wait to see that bill) and up and running. Now, if the weather would cooperate we might be able to swim without contracting hypothermia. It will be our luck to have a cool summer (like those snowless winters after you break down and spring for the big ass snow blower).
As with any major experience, there were lessons learned. First off, it's like buying a boat. The day after you buy it, you wish you had a bigger one. Of course, no matter how savvy a buyer you think yourself to be, the salesman still gets you in ways you are NOW wise to and no matter how many times you learn this lesson, you still need the refresher course; the cost is never the cost. The extras involved always cost as much as the initial purchase.
After all that, still, it's worth it. The mud pit of a backyard (after burying electric wires), the headaches of getting it all set up, the outrageous cost of said wire (now I know why it's the hot item to steal from construction sites), blah, blah, blah..........I still believe that hot, stifling, humid til you feel choked day will come and all will be forgotten as I float in the cool water, drink in hand and relax in the comfort and privacy of my own back yard..............................................
..............and dream of the next expenditure (deck, landscaping, pool house, toys and of course a rugged blender that can withstand the elements :)

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