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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Do Politicians Really Wonder Why

people can't stand them?
This is the response I received from one of the eight state representatives I contacted with my letter yesterday.
Not only is it the only response (so, I guess there's brownie points for that), but it is completely irrelevant to my letter and addresses no one of my requests.

No letter head, no greeting, no signature. Not even a note in the email referring to this attachment. That is just lame! You would think a damned page could draft a salutation at least.

The Governor’s budget for next year is a template for budget talks. There
are a number of his proposals that will not be in the final budget that
passes the legislature. I do not believe we will have enough revenue to
support the Governor’s proposed spending level have a balanced budget. I
would anticipate a much lower spending level than the Governor requested.

The House is in the process of determining the amount of revenue we
available for next year. Once that is determined we will begin the
appropriations process. The revenue available will be distributed to the
five Appropriation committees. Each committee will need to pass
legislation, or a series of bills, to the full House that does not exceed
the amount set for each.
This method of drafting a budget will ensure that we will have a balanced
budget. I am confident that these changes in the House budget process will
produce a final product that puts us on a path to eliminating our deficit in
the next four years.
The cuts necessary to balance the budget will include education. Hopefully
the education community will have both short term and long term

This makes me nauseous

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