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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Wishbook

Do you remember the "Wishbook"? It would arrive in the mail just around this time of year and all the kids would clamour for a view. Each of us would have our trusty sheet of notebook paper on which to write our list, not to mention our own system of prioritizing our hearts desires.
Many a letter to Santa (and grandma) was born from the pages of that thick as the phonebook Sears and Roebuck catalog. By the dawn of the new year it was tattered and torn, marked in and dogearred. For my siblings and I, it was the Christmas dreammaker. From a new pair of skates to an Easybake oven, that was the place to find it, mark it and add it to the list.

Well, times have changed and this lovely desktop contraption has moved our global existence into a new frontier. We now have the ability to make wishlists around the world and for all to see. This makes me wonder how discerning I need to be on my wishlists.
You see, my wishlists are not just my wishlists anymore. I tend to use them to mark things I am considering for others. I fill them with potential purchases in an effort to make one shipment purchases. Then there's etsy. Oh, the myriad of reasons for that list of favorites. treasuries, gifts, supplies, admiration and plenty of my own desires. I hope and encourage many to look to this list for shopping inspiration. It meets all the requirements.
Buy Handmade
I'm sure to like it
Probably One-of-a-Kind
Support independent artists
Get to know etsy better
It's full of awesome choices

So, when people ask me what I want for Christmas, I generally don't have an answer. No Wishbook list these days,though, it could still happen given the right catalog full of magic (oh wait, I have that in etsy and handmadefuzion )I often reply these days with "nothing. Well, you can always check my favorites on etsy".
I may end up getting items I think are perfect for others, or look great in a certain treasury but the bottom line is, I will still love them. There is just no limit to the possibilities.


kim* said...

why dont they make that anymore?

Angela said...

Wow, the wishbook. I remember I'd look it over before composing my missive to Santa. That thing was HUGE!

Jacqueline said...

Lovely post! I never gotten a wishbook but i do still after all this year write my wish list letter to santa. lol Is really fun!
Really enjoy my time here at your blog. n_n

Andrea said...

Oh my goodness... The Wishbook. I hadn't thought of it in years!